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Sir Symon Lynch was granted Coats of Arms in 1572.  Unfortunately Grove House did not survive the centuries, as did Crixhall, it was demolished in approximately 1836, and the materials sold for re-building.  However, its grand semi-circular drive from Twitham to Staple Church can still be witnessed in aerial photography.  Another coursed to Pedding, giving connection with Canterbury and Sandwich.  It is now hard to imagine the grand park of 500 acres, with a gaming lake Henry VIII liked to frequent.

A Fayre was held twice a year, on December 28th and July 25th.  There were 'toys and pedlary' for sale. Profits from the December Fayre in 1524 amounted to six shillings and eight pence, and were received by one Clement Roberth of Wingham, who also had a 'vinyerd' at Wingham.

It was most probably William Lynch who had the semi-circular drive constructed at Grove, enabling access from Little Twitham and the church.  It was his widow who gave the gift of a clock to the church and for the use of the people of the parish approximately four years after his death.  It was most probably situated on the West side of the tower, instead of the South so it could be more easily observed from this drive and the 'main' road.  In common with clocks of that time, it only noted the hour and so required one hand.  An amusing vestry minute of 1864 notes the clock required cleaning and an estimate of expenses to be obtained, including the addition of a second hand.  This was amended to read 'additional hand'.  Fortunately, the modernisation of the period was never carried out.  Perhaps good taste prevailed, or the old problem of finance!

Until 1862 Staple Church was a Chapel of Ease to the Holy Innocents, Adisham.  Staple then had 44 houses recorded, had one hamlet, that of Shatterling, in which there were 14 houses.  Adisham had 40 houses in all and no 'family of note'.

n.b. If anyone has any information whatsoever, relating to Staple's history then I'd love to hear from them.  Perhaps it could be the fascinating past of your family's life in the village, or maybe the history of an interesting old cottage, genealogy data relating to Staple folk, wartime stories, or details of  famous residents........ ANYTHING!

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